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What is Hypnosis
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Understanding Hypnosis Is the First Critical Step to Achieving Long Term Relief

People generally do not understand hypnosis; they think of it as entertainment, magic or some mystical form of control.

But here are the facts:
Fact 1. Hypnosis is a perfectly safe programming, exploratory or relaxing technique that can benefit anyone. When you daydream or engage in activities that make you feel like you are "in the zone" that’s a form of hypnosis. So really, you’re already familiar with it.

Fact 2. A trained and certified hypnotist can provide you with the ultimate means of improving motivation by programming your subconscious mind to work in cooperation with your conscious mind—with amazing results.

Fact 3.
Subconscious blocks to change of any kind will prevent you from reaching goals. Think about it. How many times have you attempted to change a behavior or thought pattern, only to find your self failing after a few days or months? Uncovering and eliminating blocks on the subconscious level is the key to long-lasting change.

Why Hypnosis? Because It Works
I’ll let acclaimed hypnosis expert and author Randal Churchill explain this for you:
"To get powerful, lasting and fairly rapid results in therapy, it is essential that the methods employed reach and affect the subconscious mind. The subconscious houses the emotions, imagination, memory, habits, intuition, and is the pathway to the superconscious. It also regulates our autonomic body functions. It is the very core or essence of how we experience ourselves and the world."

"Meaningful personal transformation, whether in or out of therapy, results from a shift in the subconscious mind."

"Through hypnosis, we have access to the subconscious. In fact, during waking states, the only way to reach and change major set beliefs and emotional responses of the subconscious mind is during experiences that are hypnotic."
"Once in hypnosis during therapy, there is a vast range of therapeutic possibilities to harness and transform the subconscious. Hypnotists are taught to use a variety of methods to bring a person into a state of hypnosis, deepen and lighten the state, direct various processes and return the subject back to normal awareness."
~Randal Churchill, BECOME THE DREAM: The Transforming Power of Hypnotic Dreamwork

What this means for you is that I am able to assist in the re-program of your subconscious mind safely and effectively so you can resolve phobias, lose weight, quit smoking or any number of other solutions that were previously unsolvable.

What Can I Expect in a Typical Session?
When you schedule a session, we will collect some basic information and historical information. Our sessions are private and completely confidential. We’ll explore your hopes, dreams, and concerns prior to using any techniques or exercises.

Our focus is on creating a comfortable and safe space for change to occur. Depending on your desires, Laura will guide you through creative visualization, breath work, manifesting, relaxation, or parts therapy.

Sometimes, age regression, past life and future life visualization techniques are used to tap into the subconscious to rewrite past negative habits and self-communication and create healthier behaviors. Because the subconscious does not understand the difference between reality and what we call imagination, these techniques can be designed for optimum outcome.

Many of my clients report such a profound impact that only one or two
sessions are needed, though 4-6 sessions are recommended for complete success.

Studies conducted by Dr. Barrios concluded that the success rate of hypnotherapy is 93% when conducted over the course of 6 sessions.  

Ultimately, we will work together to design the approach that will have the greatest impact.

I recognize that you are a unique being and I will seek to establish programs that will guide you to your full potential using your own inner resources.

My clients have come to me with a variety of challenges. They range from overcoming addictions to food, cigarettes, and alcohol to overcoming fears or moving past self-defeating belief patterns.

My clients have permanently overcome the paralyzing effects of fears, sadness, sleep disorders, and even performance fears and stage fright!

To tell you the truth, hypnosis is by far one of the most powerful and effective techniques utilized to free people from the physical, emotional barriers that hold them back from living their best life, that the applications are endless!

Just call 301-540-6225 or email Laura at hypnosismaryland@aol.com to set up an initial free phone consultation and ask any questions you may have! You may also complete our online form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

I am ready to change my life! How can I get started?

The mere fact that you are visiting this web site says you are ready for a change. Your next step will be to call and/or email me to set up a brief phone consultation.

Based on that initial conversation, we will know if we are a good fit for each other and will develop a plan to get you started.

What is Hypnosis

Laura explains hypnosis

What_is_hypnosis.mp3 Hypnosis Services. Hypnosis Sessions. Access Consciousness. Training. Laura West . Contact Us. Helpful Hints.

 For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 301-540-6225 or email laura@hypnosismaryland.com.

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For local clients, our Germantown office is convenient to Gaithersburg, Rockville, Frederick, Baltimore, and all surrounding areas of Maryland.  Also convenient to Northern Virginia and Washington, DC.

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