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"Laura helped me quit smoking after over 20 years... without her support I don't think I would have been able to reach my goal!"  ~Laura, private client

" I’m doing fine now and no cigarettes since our initial session last Tuesday. Amazingly, the first day at work (last Wednesday) was horribly brutal for me. I’m sure it was stress related and I was much better a couple of hours out after I left work. Held on, popped the disc in that evening and it’s smoothed out significantly since then. Today is 6 days and I can honestly say that I’m doing great – not even sure that I’ve bothered to think about cigarettes. So far though, very happy. ~D.P

"I was there for my stop smoking session on Monday, January 4th. Well yesterday on MLK's birthday I celebrated 2 weeks being smoke free. Honestly I hardly ever think about cigarettes anymore and when I do I don't think about smoking one. It seems as if that part of my life was another lifetime ago. I recommend this to anyone who is trying to give up cigarettes. It worked for me so far ... I'm not looking to regress back to cigarettes; and yes, I've told many of my friends about it, Laura; so you should be hearing from them soon. Thanks again for your help"

~ L.S.

"I got back from my trip last Saturday. Takes a while to get caught up though. Had a fantastic time. Weather was great, good food, great friends to be with. I could not have asked for more. Better yet - I didn't gain one single pound!!! Listened to my CD every night. I ate everything I wanted, but just some of it. I was never hungry. Even with all that food in front of us, most of my friends would go back to their cabin at night and order room service! Not me, I put on my headphones and went to bed.

I can't thank you enough for your help. I have a long way to go but with the tools you have given me, I'm sure I'll make it. Now I'm proof you can go on a cruise and come home weighing the same as when you left!!" ~SM

It has been over two weeks now since our latest hypnotherapy treatment with you, and I just wanted you to know how great life has been since then.

As you know, my husband’s drinking has been a problem for years and it has been slowly destroying our marriage.  His behavior, when under the influence of alcohol, is intolerable - he becomes a different person altogether, and has endangered himself and others many times. I have been struggling with this problem for years.

In March, 2008, when I first persuaded him to try hypnotherapy, he was open to the idea but not completely ready for it.  His circumstances changed quite a bit over the last 6 months, and thankfully, this lead to his being sober of his own free will for his appointment with you.  That of course made a big difference.  I must say the results are incredible this time!

... hasn’t had a drop to drink since the appointment and it seems effortless on his part to stay sober. His disposition is happy and pleasant, and he is proud of himself. He is doing better at work and our relationship has improved tremendously. I feel that I have my husband back!

I just want to say Thank You for this dramatic improvement, and for taking the extra time to work with my husband, for asking the right questions, gaining his confidence and for your talent and ability in tailoring the hypnosis session to him.

We are truly amazed at these results, and really appreciate all you have done to help with this difficult addiction. ~ GT

What People Are Saying

My A1c numbers went from the previous (before Laura) of 8.7 to last week’s measurement of 6.9...the goal is to be less than 7, which I was.  I think the number would have been better if I had started with you earlier.  It is a three month average and my better behavior started one and one half months into the period of study.” ~A

“I am doing well with the chocolates and sugar thing.  I find that my willpower not to eat these things is much stronger than it was before because I would just give in and eat it anyway.  Now I can just walk away from it.  I have not had chocolate since I have been to see you.  This seems to work well with me...”~DS

“I’ve been meaning to send you an email to let you know what a difference it made for me to work with you.  Dramatically different stuff in my home!  I feel much better about myself, much free-er and much more relaxed.  Intimacy isn’t scaring me the way it used to.  Neither is being playful through intimacy.”~A

“Its going very well.  Have not bit the nails since the session and find that when I raise my hands to my lips, I put them to my side immediately. Will get a manicure (first one) this Sat.  I am delighted thus far.  The session left me with a calmness that I have not felt in a long time.” ~DF

“I’m long overdue in sending you this email.  My trip to Atlanta, the first plane trip I’d done in 5 years, was a couple of weeks ago.  About a week prior I began listening to the tapes you me again at night.  I had no anxiety ahead of the trip and was actually kind of excited.  The night before, no problems, and I did great at the airport and on the plane, it was as though the phobia had never existed.  The flight was smooth, and everything was fine.  Same on the return trip.  So thank you, thank you.  I think the phobia is gone!  I’ve just made reservations for a flight to visit my dad next month with my son, too, and look forward to more travels when I can afford them!” - KK

“My flight was actually wonderful.  I was nervous on the flight out to LA, but not terribly.  I was nervous before I got on the return flight, but actually enjoyed it.  I know the hypnosis helped me get over this - and I am looking forward to going somewhere again as soon as my budget allows it.” ~ L

“Thank you for doing such an outstanding consultation with me this morning and for the tips on NLP, tut.com, and The Secret.  I really like your updated combination of several methodologies mixed with the hypnosis.  You are a true professional, and a phenomenal one at that!”~S

“I would highly recommend the hypnotherapy services of Laura West to anyone looking to achieve a new level of self improvement.  Our sessions have allowed me to uncover reserves of inner strength and remove mental blocks to success that were formerly unavailable.  I am forever grateful to Laura and her shining light of guidance.  Through her talent as a hypnotherapist, she has allowed me to start to obtain goals that used to view as completely out of reach.

I have lost weight, I sleep better and I am generally happier and more in control.” ~ JV

Hypnosis Services. Hypnosis Sessions. Access Consciousness. Training. Laura West . Contact Us. Helpful Hints.

 For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 301-540-6225 or email hypnosismaryland@aol.com Laura West, MCH, CI, ST     Germantown, Md. 20874     301-540-6225

For local clients, our Germantown office is convenient to Gaithersburg, Rockville, Frederick, Baltimore, and all surrounding areas of Maryland.  Also convenient to Northern Virginia and Washington, DC.

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