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Prefer a private certification program? Contact Laura for
special one-on-one training which can
be individualized for your needs.

HypnosisMaryland will provide hypnosis certification to qualify you to join national hypnosis organizations such as NGH, NATH, and ABH. Hypnosis Maryland is an affiliate school of NATH, and Self-Empowerment Education Center. At the end of the Master Program, you will have enough instructional hours to qualify you for the International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy test and membership. Start your classes now with your schedule and availablity.  All classes by Skype.   An additional fee is assessed for private, individualized classes.  A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 (part of the class fees) is due 3 weeks before school starts.  Deposit for May 2013 classes due 3 weeks prior to class . Call Laura for more information.  405-074-1500 Fees for Weekend Group Classes

Upon completion of Master Program, a fee of $159.00 for IMDHA Certification Test, Certification and Membership in IMDHA. $200.00 non-refundable deposit (which is part of the class fees) is required 2-3 weeks prior to each level.  

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 For more information, call 405-974-1500 or email hypnosismaryland@aol.com

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