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Creating New Behaviors and Patterns

When my clients come in for a session, I will normally explain how we can create a new habit.  It all happens in our subconscious mind.  Our subconscious mind runs the body, holds memories and beliefs, and is our imagination and our emotions.  Very powerful.  Before we take any action step, such as walking from one room to your front door, you will unconsciously remember the last time you did that particular behavior and will recreate it.  It is believed that it takes 30 days to create a new behavior, so you must do the same behavior consistently for 30 days or visualize (use your imagination) the behavior every day. Luckily our subconscious mind does not understand the difference between doing the behavior physically, or just pretending in your mind.

I recently read an article by Winter Vee so I will paraphrase his article.  The brain makes certain physical connections when it creates a behavior and will resist any change.  To create a new habit, a new connection must be made.  That means neurons start growing to hold the new habit patterns.  But that would require that the old connections/neurons must become weaker and will shrink in size. What if you wanted to write with your left hand instead of your right hand?  At first it would feel very awkward and clumsy, but with continued daily practice, soon it becomes just as easy to write with your left hand.

So based upon what the subconscious mind does (beliefs, memories, imagination, emotions, runs body), the best and easiest way to create a new habit is to imagine yourself doing the new pattern and include as many senses as possible with knowing you can do it.  Visualize doing the habit over and over in your mind and include colors, smells, shapes and good, happy feelings.  By doing this you are creating the connections your mind needs to create the action steps.  Of course it is even easier to come for a hypnosis session and let me record the session.   Then you would listen to the recording while you sleep and create the new neurons.

Starting Your New Year

A New Year and I am sure you have been flooded with many ideas on how to create your year.  You will soon find that I wholeheartedly believe in the Law of Attraction, “What you think, you create”.  So I thought I would share with you some of the techniques that I use that have been proven to be successful in the past.

1.  Clearing and Cleansing - your body, your environment and your thoughts of negative influences.

2.  Creating your goals for the new year and beyond.

3.  Visualizing daily

4.  Take action towards goals

In clearing and cleansing, I have used the 9 day cleansing program from Isagenix.com.  I was very surprised at how easy it was and my body and mind did not experience any depravation. If you would like any information about the program, please go to http://www.isagenix.com.    I have also been clearing my home of all excess, though I have to admit, this is another area that my mind usually has conflict with.  As I am going through my “stuff”, I ask myself, “If I were to move, would this go with me?”  I am amazed at how that question can give me the answer “No”.  And finally, the mind clearing.  Here is a great visualization from Carrie Hart.  

Cleaning House


Today, we will create a beautiful living space for you.  But first, we must clean house.  


Let us now take the clutter out of your mind and heart.  Take that incessant buzz in your mind and throw it in this trash bag here.  This is the voice that says you should have done something differently, the internal critic with the unending stream of chatter.  Out, out with the trash.  Now let us also pull out the worrier, the other voice that is always telling you about all of the terrible things that may yet happen if you do this or do not do that.  Out, out with the trash.  Let peace and quiet descend.


And now, in your heart, we will remove those poisonous stones of unforgiveness, those bitter pills, we will take out all of the blame, all of the anger and toss it into the bin.  Out, out with the trash.  Feel your heart lighten and begin to fill with love.  


And now, in your center, we wish to remove that feeling you sometimes have of being a victim, the part of you that thinks someone else has it easier, that someone else is luckier, that the misfortunes of the world come more heavily upon you.  This feeling must be eradicated.  It keeps you centered in doubt.  It helps you avoid responsibility for establishing a connection between your inner and outer worlds.  Root this out.  Dig deep into your psyche and find the hurt child, the whiner, the injured party.  Out, out with the trash.


And now, let us sweep the house clean.  Sweep clean the last bits of dust and clutter within you.  


And now we have a clean and clear space in which to create your life.  Picture the house in which you now reside, with gleaming windows that allow you to view the outside world in clarity and alertness.  You can see exactly what is happening, objectively and clearly, all childish residue removed.  


Put out some beautiful vases and fill them with your favorite flowers, each one unique and individual.  Smell the perfume.  Look at the beauty that surrounds you.  And now, allow into this house, this house of beauty and love, clean and sparkling, those things that you truly love, the music of your soul.  Let your mind rest easily within a house of beauty and wonder, at ease, feeling connected and integrated, peaceful and loving, surrounded by only what truly and deeply matters to you.


Know that no matter what passes by your window outside, you are completely responsible for this space inside.  And as you keep this internal house clean and full of beauty, it will begin to spread outward, as more and more of the love and beauty that you have cultivated inside your house flows into your outer experience as well.  Gradually, the walls will expand, the windows will dissolve in the fresh air of freedom, and your life will integrate.


But it all begins here, in this space that you own completely, this space over which you have complete responsibility and sovereignty, this inner world of your mind and heart and center, this core being that is you.  Everything begins and comes from here:  your health, your relationships, your wealth.  Keep it clean, fill it with beauty and love, music and joy, peace and flowers.  It is your home.


“Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.” Samuel Johnson.

Then comes the creating your goals for the new year and beyond.  You may have heard about “SMART” goal setting.  Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Bound.  I believe this is a good way to establish goals and it is what I use with my hypnosis practice.  But I add two missing parts.  Feelings and visualization.  Though we would all like to be rich beyond our dreams, have fabulous healthy bodies, have the perfect relationships, and the ideal career, it is really not about these “things”, it is about how we “feel” once we have them.  The most important feelings are pride and joy.  If you had all the money you desire, how would you feel?  If you had the most fabulous, healthy body, how would you feel?  If you had the perfect relationship...well, you get the idea.  So now, you will visualize having that money, that career, that relationship, that body, but also include the feeling of pride and joy.  Visualize that what you desire is already here, now, in the present.  Visualize receiving a phone call, and you were just told that your “goal/dream” has happened, how would you react.  I know for myself, I would jump up and down, scream, YEAH! YEAH!, raise my arms and hands in the air, feel a blast of freedom.

Next step, either in the morning or in the evening or even both times, visualize your goal/dream as if it is in the here and now.  You might even add an affirmation about it using Autosuggestion.

Autosuggestion:  An exercise in self-suggestion to direct you subconscious mind as you fall asleep at night.  Also used as a waking reinforcement.

The last thing on your conscious mind as you fall asleep tends to stay with your subconscious during sleep.

To “program” positive thoughts and beneficial suggestions, this method, similar to “counting sheep” will help you fall asleep with the suggestion of your choice.

1. Place your hands on the bed or pillow, or your thighs, or stomach.  Gently press down with your “pinkie” finger of your left hand, while mentally saying your key phrase.

2. Release that finger, and next press down gently with your ring finger of your left hand, and mentally repeat the phrase again.  Repeat on each finger and your thumb.

3. Begin again with the “pinkie” finger on your right hand, and follow the same process.

4. Do this at least 10 times (once for each finger) or more as needed – for your subconscious to receive the suggestion to work on as you sleep.

5. This motion mimics “drumming” your fingers – so during waking times, you can “drum” your fingers on a table, on your knee, or on the steering wheel as you drive.  This activity becomes a repetition and reinforcement of the suggestion you have programmed during sleep.

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”  James Allen

Now the final step is where people usually don’t follow through, and that is you must take action steps.  Without action, doors will not open, people will not come, opportunities will not happen.

“Take risks not to escape life but to keep life from escaping you.” Unknown

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