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Laura West




Hypnosis Mentor & Intern Program

During and upon completion of the Hypnosis Master Certification, students and graduates can choose to continue their hypnosis education by being mentored and interning with Laura West.  Many students have derived more insight about the actual business of hypnosis by working with and observing Laura as she has the client sessions.  Laura will also share many insights into how to approach each session and discussion will occur after each session.  All internships are during Monday through Friday, daytime hours.

Master Certification: $2600

Mentor/Intern 3 months: $950

Mentor/Intern 6 months: $1800


Observance of Laura in client sessions: 3 months  (5 sessions) 6 months (10 sessions)  Value $1000-$2000

Monitored Sessions of Intern with client: 3 months (3 sessions) 6 months (6)  Value $600-$1200

Scripts: 3 months (10) 6 months (15) Value $100-$150

Phone/Skype Assistance : Unlimited   Value : unlimited

Additional Marketing/Building Business Assistance: Fees additional

Assistance with building web site: $300

Search Engine Optimization: $500

Creation of You-Tube: $100

Creation of Cds: $50.00