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For most sessions, a free CD is given to each client which should be used at home for reinforcement of the individual hypnosis sessions.

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Hypnosis Services. Hypnosis Sessions. Access Consciousness. Training. Laura West . Contact Us. Helpful Hints.

Hypnosis is the most amazing journey and with every new adventure comes a deeper sense of awe and wonder. Yesterday was certainly another building block on my way to a hypnosis construct on a firm foundation of practice and experience. For those who ask the question " So, do you really think hypnosis works?" , I can truly answer " Yes, I honestly do"...been there done that.
Throughout my day yesterday I pulled out and used every modality in my tool box and it was fascinating how they dove tailed together so seamlessly..It is after all my mind and she is a good one for sure
Even though I am extremely familiar with my mind, my body and the task at hand, I was nervous that I would not be able to remember everything or hold onto everything or know when to use what.. Larry smiled at me, said my keyword for somnambulism, dropped me like a rock and said " Hello Subconscious" Please assure Sondra that she will be drifting and you will be taking care of everything else. Oh yeah!! for anyone who knows me well will laugh with me that I had all this crap lined up for use and forgot that my conscious mind would be off drifting and i did not need to choreograph anything. She assured Larry and I both that she was more than willing to drift me off so she could be available for all the tools we have put in place.
The surgeon, teased me a bit , built a solid rapport as we laughed and spent those precious 2 minutes setting the stage. Then I told him that larry would be putting me into hypnosis for the procedure, he looked just a bit confused then excused himself and told larry to take all the him he needed. and listened carefully to Larry's instructions that I would hear and respond to any question posed directly to me, and when he was finished call me by name and i would emerge..
Ultra Depth is awesome.....
He filled my jaw with his numbing agent and kept asking me if I could feel his touch , then finally decided to proceed when he was satisfied with the amount of stuff he had injected into me... I was floating drifting, floating drifting and then the strangest things started to happen... the following things started rotating thru my mind randomly

Float and Drift ( my simple trance words/deepeners) Further, Farther
POC and POC ( my access Consciousness clearing statements)
Hands on Reiki on ( my Reiki energy gift from LJ)
My Meta World guards showed up standing around me in a protective manner and i felt 1000% safe and thru it all he never once called me by name,,i think it was because Larry told him to speak my name to bring me back out..So he called me " sweetie" thru the whole thing...
When he began to drill thru the bone I could here Scott Sandland's voice saying " and the sound of the drill makes you more and more calm" over and over again....The drill was actually almost comforting as the calmness settled deeper and deeper.

The swirl hit right before he finished and all my coping skills were running all at once, the hypno, energy, access and healing.....it felt like 5 minutes from my perspective, later i realized i only remember when he was speaking directly and intentionally to me....I had indeed dismissed all other conversation as i drifted.
when he brought me out , he commented how well I did and went to get Larry. Before he explained to larry what happened with my surgery he said he wished they could hire him, if that is what dental Hypno can do for a patient.
then phase 2 began
after we had the post instruction discussion, my mouth began to go numb and i could no longer talk clearly...Before that I could speak clearly with no numbness....As he was walking out the door, I called him back " John, my mouth is numb now" he laughed and thanked Larry for his assist..
then i started to say to myself over and over again..." No shock, No trauma, no adrenaline rush" over and over again. During the drive home Larry had to put his hand on my head and speak to the pain of a small headache several times but other than that I was just tired...
I was so calm, so laid back and so gently relaxed that being still and allowing the healing to flow was natural and seamless. I slept and tranced for hours not because i was especially tired but because the process of healing had priority and Larry just kept me in ultra depth.

totally amazing
now i can share from personal perspective that dental hypno is clearly something I can promote /share/give testimony to with confidence to the power of various modalities .....
The dental system is installed in the top of my jaw no where near my cheek or my tongue which is pretty cool... and i think i will be able to open my mouth fully by the end of the day......it is bruised not injured which is awesome....
thanks for your support guys..  SL