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December 2012

Dec 15,  Workshop: Change your thoughts, change your emotions, change you

Jan 2013

Jan 5 Basic Certification Class

Core Transformation Workshop January 18-20 in Silver Spring, MD

Core Transformation: Finding the Wellspring Within

Core Transformation is a gentle yet powerful process for bringing about profound and lasting changes in habits, behaviors, limiting beliefs, and even physical ailments. It was originated over 20 years ago by Connirae Andreas, Ph.D., one of the most admired and respected trainers and developers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and remains today the most thorough and comprehensive of NLP processes. Imagine your most difficult problems actually having positive aspects. With Core Transformation, what had been perceived as blocks or limitations instead become doorways to getting true resolution and integration. This process leads to deep self-discovery and embodied understanding that naturally shifts one’s way of being in the world. Core Transformation has transformed anger, self-consciousness, procrastination, fear, weight issues, difficult relationships, depression, anxiety, addictions, and much more. It has facilitated finding fulfilling work, improving all aspects of health, and creating an overall sense of inner peace, wholeness, and well-being. Core Transformation meets our deepest strivings: to heal ourselves and develop as human beings – emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This is a graceful way to transform unwanted thoughts, feelings, and habits, and achieve goals you may have believed unattainable.

Participants will learn to utilize this powerful yet gentle process to explore and transform a wide variety of issues, both with their clients in a therapeutic setting and also for themselves.

This workshop is a full three days. The cost is $300. Participants who have previously attended a 3-day Core Transformation workshop may attend for half price.

Donald Pelles, Ph.D., Certified Hypnotherapist, is one of a handful of Core Transformation trainers in the US licensed by Connirae Andreas. He has been using CT with his clients and himself since 2007 and has presented and assisted in numerous trainings.

For more information on Core Transformation and additional CT workshops, go to http://coretransformation.org. To register for this workshop, go to the registration page.

I Can Use the Dave Elman Induction – Now What?

February 9-10, 2013, 9:30 am – 5:30 pm

The Hampton Inn and Suites, 100 Cresson Blvd, Phoenixville, PA 19460

www.valleyforgepasuites.hamptoninn.com – (Mention The Professional Hypnotists Speakers Series for the discounts on single rooms and suites)
Register online NOW!

Whether you use Progressive Relaxation, rapid inductions like the Dave Elman Induction, or instant inductions such as the Handshake Interrupt or a Shock Induction, all hypnotists come to the point of WHAT NOW?

Many hypnotists employ the Dave Elman Induction but are unaware of the remainder of this teachings. This course will:

This course provides the hypnotist with additional tools, but more importantly will show how and why they work, thus enabling the operator to adapt them to different situations.

“Understanding the reasons hypnotic techniques work is central to improving the hypnotist’s skills.” says Larry Elman.

Larry Elman has the distinction of taking the complete “Dave Elman Course in Medical Hypnosis” three times in his teenage years. (Except Lesson 8… find out why.) He brings to this course tremendous insight in the transformation of his father’s methods from the years 1949 to the 1960′s based on collaborative efforts of Dave Elman and the doctors and dentists he was teaching. Larry is a Certified Hypnotist plus a Certified Instructor for NGH.

Cheryl Elman is a creative and enthusiastic teacher. Her experience as an artist, a teacher and in Sales and Marketing brings creativity and fun to our classes. Besides being a Certified Hypnotist and the president of the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute, she is now a Certified Master Trainer with IACT.

Take advantage of this great course and these great instructors $495.00 (usually $595.00)

Early Bird Special: $395.00 – book before January 8, 2013 when the price reverts to $495.00!
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Hear what some of our past students have said about our courses!

“I am a practiced hypnotist and yet I can come away from this class with more information to fine tune my skill and make my practice go smoother….It’s fun! It’s professional! It’s lighthearted and it’s well worth the money spent…well worth it.” Denise Hall Oates (Comedy Stage Hypnotist & Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Florida)

“This course is so hands on and you have to take your turn both doing and receiving hypnosis. It impacts you permanantly and you can remember better than in any other course where you are just reading and listening. So, I do advise anyone that really wants to learn Dave Elman’s methods and and how to hypnosis people, this would be the course to take.” Cindy Parker-Katz, Florida, Hypnotist

Kas Sobey-Knabb

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