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Blog 9/17/2012

Using Hypnosis To Forget

I receive many emails and calls asking if hypnosis can help to forget someone who is no longer in their lives.  They have separated from someone by divorce, a break-up, death, moving away, or any other way which put distance in between.  Unfortunately, hypnosis cannot help you to forget.  Any memory which is attached to a strong emotion is very difficult to remove from our thoughts.

Hypnosis can help to look at the relationship from a different perspective, such as moving on from a bad relationship can be better.  Or perhaps you can have a hypnosis session about forgiving the person for hurting you.  Another hypnotic session can be about grieving the loss of something you wish you had.  And sometimes, the session can be about gaining confidence that you can attract another person into your life.    

Blog 8/17/2012


How lucky can I be to be doing what I love to do with the skills and abilities that I have learned over the years to help others.  It was 17 years ago when I went to a friend who had recently learned hypnosis to help me to quit smoking. I was so fascinated how quickly hypnosis worked and wanted to learn everything I can.  I haven’t stopped learning, this is an amazing profession.  Hypnosis has helped me to be a better person and during the time I had cancer helped me to move through the emotional times and the side effects of the chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

I am grateful for the wonderful clients that I have seen over the last 15 years who have placed their trust in me to tell me their stories and to reveal who they are.  It is so fulfilling to watch my clients transform from feeling hopeless to knowing they now have the tools to change into the person they want to be, from experiencing mind and/or body pain and leave feeling relief of the release of the discomfort, of knowing that there is something wrong with them to experiencing confidence in their being.  I love that my fabulous clients feel empowered that they are the change agent to their lives, and they are the ones responsible for their choices and decisions, they were just needing the tools to do that.  

These same clients have felt welcomed into my home office where they feel safe and secure in the non-clinical setting. My clients find that they will experience compassion and acceptance here. Those that allow my beautiful 16 year old blind and deaf dog Precious to meet them after the session will give her the thrills of her day to sniff and be loved. Thank you.

There are bad apples in all professions and hypnosis is not an exception.  I love a well- informed client who chooses me as their hypnotist and is not bullied into signing a 6-12 session contract without first getting to know what each session will do and why they specifically need 6-12 sessions.  I believe in a client-centered practice where my clients do not fit into a cookie cutter session.

Once again, how lucky am I?  In Access Consciousness we have a saying “how does it get any better than this”!